Having an income stream outside your practice can change your life and mindset, just like how it changed Salena Kulkarni. Salena is a wealth advisor at Phoenix  Wealth Group and is the author of an Amazon bestseller book called The Freedom Warrior: How to Build A Bigger Life Through Alternative Property Investment Strategies.

Salena is our guest on Episode 186 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, where she’ll be sharing the most important things we need to know and understand about investments.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:48] Salena’s journey and what led her to property investment.
  • [05:46] The highs and pitfalls she experienced in her journey in property investment.
  • [09:25] How Salena bounced back from her loss.
  • [12:22] Process for developing your own rules, boundaries and parameters for investing.
  • [16:28] What is a Risk fingerprint.
  • [18:59] Where Salena sees opportunities these days.
  • [21:50] Increasing the familiarity and understanding to decrease your risk with investing.
  • [23:43] Diversification in investing.
  • [26:48] Salena talks about network and net worth.
  • [29:33] People Selena wants to have dinner with.

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