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In Episode 199 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I am interviewing Sue Rice who is an expert copywriter I have personally worked with. She is a professional copywriter, communications strategies and entrepreneur for over 25 years.

Sue is also very well-known in the world of email marketing and that’s the topic we are going to touch on today. She shares valuable information on the fears on email marketing, how to make your emails stand out and finding your voice to make your message come through effectively.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [00:45] The story of how Sue found her way into the world of copywriting.
  • [02:55] The things she loves about living in France.
  • [04:50] Changes and constants Sue has seen in the world of marketing.
  • [07:39] Sue’s thoughts on email marketing.
  • [12:58] The business owner’s fear of sending emails to customers.
  • [18:40] Finding your voice and balance with being professional and vulnerable in writing emails.
  • [21:23] Things to be mindful of when emailing leads versus patients or clients.
  • [27:11] Email campaigns for dental practice owners.
  • [30:59] Maintaining the premium of your dental practice.
  • [35:36] Making your email stand out and measuring your open rates.


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