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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic or anything similar, how do we make sure that our business marketing is both effective but sensitive to our clients? In episode 213 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I have an interesting interview with Tyson Franklin.

We talk about marketing during uncertain times and how we can communicate with care so that patients come back to us when we’re ready to open our doors once more after the crisis. He gives us practical advice that we can easily implement in our business today. If you are a practice owner in the guessing game of whether to continue marketing during these times, this episode will help you adapt your marketing messages to the current situation.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [05:00] The idea of marketing in uncertain times – is it good or bad?
  • [07:17] Common marketing mistakes of health practitioners.
  • [14:22] Things we can learn from other company marketing strategies.
  • [17:38] Adapting your messaging to the current times.
  • [26:50] Making deposits to your “relationship bank accounts.”
  • [32:00] Top things dentists should consider about marketing today.
  • [35:00] Accepting the current situation and being better.


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