Founder and lead coach of Business Growth Leaders, Geoff Currie, joins us in episode 221 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast. Geoff is also the author of a book called “How Valuable is Your Business” which is about tips, tactics and strategies for adding value into your business.

We talk about teams and systems – 2 leverage points in business which can also be sources of frustration for some owners. Geoff’s gives practical and applicable tips and learnings from his vast experience in business to help leverage your business, free up your time, and make more money.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:57] The story of how he found his way in the work he does.
  • [06:03] Most common frustrations of practice owners on manuals and systems.
  • [08:06] Having systems in your business and getting your team to follow documented processes.
  • [10:49] Things business owners should give attention to when creating systems.
  • [13:14] Tips on creating practical systems for your business.
  • [15:06] The possibility of over-systemising your business.
  • [16:26] Encouraging and challenging team members to be better in their roles.
  • [18:20] Creating freedom in your life while building your business.
  • [21:20] Actions business owners should take to transition from being the technician to business owner.
  • [22:33] The challenge of getting things done.
  • [24:34] Take our four week challenge to get yourself into the business owner role.
  • [28:43] Rookie mistakes in leadership.
  • [31:51] How the growth of a business depends on the growth of its leader.
  • [33:13] The skill set you need to run a multi-million dollar practice.
  • [34:15] Tips on becoming a better business owner and leader.
  • [37:30] Providing mentoring, training and skills development for your team.
  • [41:09] The importance of mentoring and systems in leading your team.

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