Mel Thompson, one of the members of our team at Savvy Dentist, joins us to talk about systems and processes on the podcast. Mel is the key person in charge of helping team members help the practice owner. She works with teams to skill them up, get them on board, and make them buy into the vision of the practice owner to help them follow systems and processes to make sure the practice is operating consistently at a high level.

Our conversation was wide-ranging, tactical and practical. We talked about creating, implementing, and getting great results from systems in your practice. If you want to know how you can do all of this for your own business or improve what you already have in place, Mel will give you an overview of what you need to do on this episode.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:18] The role that systems played in Mel’s own business.
  • [03:30] Where things become unstuck with systems.
  • [04:43] The things both business owners and team members need to understand when it comes to implementing systems.
  • [08:28] Mel talks about the engage hearts and minds framework.
  • [11:20] Getting the buy-in from your team members.
  • [12:58] What team members can bring into the business.
  • [15:26] Becoming valuable and indispensable as a team member in your practice.
  • [18:55] Getting things right and making things work in your business.
  • [20:16] How to start documenting your systems.
  • [23:56] Areas where people struggle in creating systems.
  • [27:13] The important framework called ‘the necessary conversation’.
  • [32:36] The language you can use to engage your team members to follow your systems.
  • [34:01] Encouraging team members to pull each other up in following systems.


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