Loren Trlin, a transformational mindset coach, joins us on the podcast today to talk about a multitude of topics on mindset and resilience. Loren is also the founder of the Abundant Entrepreneur Business Accelerator and host of the Modern Alchemist podcast. She works with individuals to help find their purpose, unlock their mindset and launch and scale their service-based businesses.

Our conversation was so full of golden nuggets around mindset – how to get a winning mindset, how it can impact outcomes in a positive or negative sense, and dealing with change. Loren also gives some wonderful insights on having the resilience to bounce back from adversities. With this pandemic happening, Loren shows us how we can all course through it the best way possible.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:12] How Loren found her way into work as a mindset coach.
  • [03:43] Her experience and learnings on the liquidation of their family business.
  • [06:20] What made her rethink a career in Loren Finance.
  • [08:51] Advice for people who want to reflect and reset.
  • [10:35] Going through the process of your strategy.
  • [11:52] Connecting to the broader purpose of your business.
  • [13:13] Defining your own success.
  • [14:35] The things that surprise her in the work that she does from the vision and purpose piece.
  • [16:50] Reconciling visions for people with families.
  • [18:17] Creating a sense of identity that allows you to step into your best self and achieve the things that are important to you.
  • [20:26] Loren talks about self-identity and going about the process of creating change in this space.
  • [23:20] Maintaining your state of being to be able to grow into the experiences you want to have.
  • [25:04] Embracing the discomfort that comes with the process of discovery.
  • [26:24] Loren talks about the resources on her website.
  • [27:36] Things that have surprised her during the coronavirus period.
  • [29:35] Tips on regaining your motivation.
  • [31:05] The most interesting things she has seen during this period of time.


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