Our conversation today will revolve around the topic of risk. The ability to assess and mitigate risk is a key business skill. It is something that I often discuss with my coaching clients. Last year, I wrote an article for Dental Innovations called Risky Business – Don’t Get Caught Short.

In this episode, I’ll be giving you a brief synopsis of that article as well as the lessons we can learn from the global financial crisis and COVID-19. I am also going to share opportunities, surprising things and key lessons that came out of the GFC and coronavirus pandemic.


In this episode we discuss:  

  • [01:39] The film that inspired me to write the article.
  • [03:30] One of the most fundamental skills a business owner needs.
  • [04:34] Where you need to proactively assess risk.
  • [05:40] Lessons from the global financial crisis that could be applied to COVID-19.
  • [07:38] Surprising things that happened during COVID-19.
  • [10:07] Opportunities out of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • [11:38] Key lessons from the GFC and COVID-19.


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