I really believe that one connection can change your life. In this episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I’ve invited Kaley Chu, the woman who set a hundred lunches with a hundred strangers. Kaley found it hard to interact with people who did not have the same background as her. To overcome this challenge, she set lunches with strangers. Her 200th lunch was even with comedian actor Shane Jacobson.

In this very interesting and fun conversation, we talked about so many things including her background, her experience, the learnings and wisdom she has acquired. She shares what pushed her to put herself out there and the confidence she’s developed as a consequence of this exercise. So many things to pick up from Kaley and I can’t wait to share it with you today.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:15] Kaley’s background and upbringing in Hong Kong.
  • [05:50] The impact of communicating with people outside her network.
  • [06:49] Her turning point for starting 100 lunches with strangers.
  • [08:16] Where the idea of the 100 lunches came from.
  • [09:07] Her thoughts on people’s loneliness and craving for connection.
  • [10:39] Easing into the comfort of having lunches with strangers.
  • [12:10] How her lunch guests found the experience.
  • [13:12] The things she learned about herself during this process.
  • [14:45] What she learned about other people at the lunches.
  • [16:44] The changes that her family has noticed about her and the impact it has had in her family life.
  • [19:33] Her feelings about asking people out to lunch.
  • [20:10] The number of people she asked to get the first 3 lunches.
  • [20:26] The effect of getting declines and what made her keep stepping forward.
  • [21:31] The idea of having world leaders do a hundred lunches.
  • [23:27] Her thoughts about the changes within her from when she moved from Hong Kong to now.
  • [27:26] Wisdom she has acquired from her experience.
  • [28:39] Lunches that had profound impacts on her.
  • [29:26] Agenda for her lunches.
  • [30:17] Things that fascinate Kaley.

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