In this episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we have an interesting conversation with one of the influential thought leaders in the dental profession, Dr. Safa Souzani. Safa is the entrepreneur behind many brands including Dental Members Australia.  He has helped shape the profession in Australia massively.

There are heaps of wisdom to be picked up from this conversation with him. From learning about business models to creating recurring revenue and expanding your practice, Safa shares his thoughts and practical tips. This innovative thinking and business smarts will definitely inspire you to think more, do more and be more. Listen in on our conversation today.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [05:33] Dr. Safa’s driving force in doing and starting different things.
  • [06:51] Challenges that come with working.
  • [08:10] Finding ideas and inspiration in his creative process.
  • [11:33] The impetus behind creating Dental Members.
  • [14:04] Great advantages of the membership concept for practice owners.
  • [17:43] The process of filtering ideas and what he has learned from unsuccessful ideas.
  • [20:37] How one business idea leads to other ideas.
  • [21:54] Practicing Clear Align in your business.
  • [24:13] Traps for young players in business.
  • [26:26] The advantage of case selection for expansion.
  • [28:08] The importance of focusing on things.
  • [31:18] People who have helped shape Safa’s thinking growing up.
  • [33:19] What fascinates Safa and gets his brain working.
  • [35:37] Future plans for Safa


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