In this episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we talk to one of the brothers who leads the team at Race Dental Laboratories, Matt Race. Race Dental Laboratories is a 3rd generation Australian business that has survived numerous disruptions.

In this interesting conversation, we talk about how their family business survived and thrived throughout the years despite different disruptions. Matt shares how he sees the future of dentistry and dental technology; as well as how their business is serving and supporting the dental profession today, which is what I really appreciate about them.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:51] The interesting story of how Race Dental Laboratories started.
  • [07:17] The degree of responsibility and pride they have in running the laboratory.
  • [08:43] Surviving and coming out strong through disruptions.
  • [11:47] Their experience on heavily investing in technology.
  • [12:52] Managing to overcome a disruption while working alongside a new in-house technology.
  • [14:15] Things dental owners should be thinking about.
  • [16:08] Embracing technology instead of fighting it.
  • [17:36] Their process of working with family.
  • [20:35] His drive in becoming involved in education.
  • [22:31] The future of dentistry and dental technology in 3 years and beyond.
  • [25:45] Upcoming launches for their business.
  • [28:15] The future of AI and human input in the dental industry.
  • [30:08] Matt’s message to clinicians on the business of dentistry.


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