There’s a growing need for outsourced solutions. The benefits may not be visible for some business owners yet. We’ll discuss that today with Rosie Shilo, an expert in virtual assistance business and the owner of Virtually Yours, that provides the pairing of business owners and virtual assistants.

Join us this episode to better understand how you can leverage on getting a number of your day-to-day tasks to a virtual assistant and focus on other things that you’ve been putting off.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [4:59] Overview of what it looks like having a VA.
  • [9:20] The advantages and disadvantages of hiring locally or offshore virtual assistants.
  • [13:05] Tasks that virtual assistants can cover under dental practice businesses.
  • [16:20] Rosie’s favourite virtual assistance services.
  • [17:03] Other possible hurdles that business owners may have for outsourcing tasks.
  • [19:40] How to harness the team culture of a virtual team.
  • [23:35] The process of finding, recruiting, and onboarding a virtual team member.
  • [26:39] Potential traps and hurdles a business owner may come across.
  • [28:55] What does a business look like when working with a virtual assistant runs well.
  • [29:50] The process of starting with outsourcing work.
  • [30:25] Investing in your virtual assistant.
  • [32:23] Virtual assistants vs. freelancers?
  • [32:58] Rosie’s advice for business owners on trying on virtual assistance


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