In this episode of the Savvy Dentist podcast, I have a conversation with someone I admire and respect greatly, Paul Hwin. Paul is the founder and Lead Dentist of Sapphire Dentistry and owner of multiple practices. He is a smart businessman with a great mind and a great philosopher when it comes to thinking about life and business.

We have an interesting chat about his journey to multi-practice ownership, the lessons he has learned along the way, and some things to consider when you are looking at taking this journey yourself. There’s so much pearls of wisdom to be taken and applied in your practice from this episode as Paul is super generous with his knowledge and insight.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:09] Paul’s journey on how he arrived at this point in his career owning multiple practices.
  • [03:58] How his interest in commerce has lead to his interest in business.
  • [05:03] Managing clinical development along with business ownership 2 years out of university.
  • [06:55] 2 things that set him up for success in practice ownership.
  • [09:44] The mindset lessons that he received from his parents.
  • [11:33] His learnings from their family businesses.
  • [12:47] Paul’s transition from working in the business to on the business.
  • [15:15] The best investments for his time.
  • [17:09] His setup, systems and frameworks for managing his business remotely.
  • [19:24] Things that he scaled but wished he didn’t.
  • [22:30] The difference that a key team member made in his business.
  • [25:18] Learnings that his key team member has had in working with him.
  • [26:25] Future plans for Paul.
  • [29:35] How things in his life led from one thing to another.
  • [30:51] His innate ability to spot an opportunity and take a leap.
  • [31:39] Dinnertime conversations in their home.
  • [33:15] Paul shares words of wisdom from his mum, Mrs. Hwin.


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