Really, really interesting episode with Jim Bostock on the Savvy Dentist Podcast today! Jim is a former elite mixed martial artist and a physiotherapist by profession. He’s got an incredible pedigree when it comes to treating pain and voice issues. He has had the chance to treat and work with popular and influential people such as Guy Sebastian, Tina Arena, Keith Urban and a heap more.

His incredible story around his business is truly inspirational. His courage to step out boldly into unknown territories and thrive is so compelling. He shares his experience both in life and in business, talking about his current business model, simplifying life and business, getting through anxiety and self-sabotage and just having a balanced life. If you are wanting to be inspired today, I invite you to listen to this episode.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:11] Jim shares about his background and current practice.
  • [06:47] His experience in finding new approaches in his profession.
  • [08:19] The acceptance of his new needling technique in the world of physio.
  • [10:17] Jim talks about his current business model and how it has evolved.
  • [13:03] His philosophy about a simplified life and business.
  • [16:28] How he developed and communicated his expert status.
  • [20:28] The rituals he observes and things that keep him on track and focused on where he’s going.
  • [23:11] Learning and practising breathwork.
  • [25:16] Salient things he has learned from influential people who have impacted his life.
  • [27:12] Jim explains what a voice lock is.
  • [29:04] Sharing how it feels to work with big names.
  • [30:09] Experiencing and working through anxiety and self-sabotage.
  • [33:16] Jim shares a key message about feeling good about yourself and business.

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