David Jenyns, entrepreneur and author, joins us for a very interesting conversation on the Savvy Dentist podcast. He’s best known for his business around systems and SYSTEMology… and we all know how important this is for businesses. When you have systemised business it de-risks the business. It gives you time freedom and flexibility. In a dental clinic, it means that the experience that the patient has is more consistent. David generously shares heaps of wisdom and information about fully systemising your business, handling team resistance, how systems and creativity work together, and so much more.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:13] David tells us about his experience working with Michael Gerber, author of E-Myth.
  • [10:26] How hiring his CEO and focusing on building systems improved his business.
  • [10:41] Roadblocks in systemising businesses.
  • [21:02] What a system culture looks like and moving through resistance from your team.
  • [25:31] How systems and creativity work together.
  • [30:08] David shares the 7-step process in his book Systemology.
  • [34:07] His interesting story about selling the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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