Great customer service is such a crucial part of retaining customers in business. It is about creating a culture where people are present, engaged and interested in what they’re doing across the team. I’ve invited customer service expert Jaquie Scammel on the podcast today. Jacquie is also the author of 2 books called Service Habits and Service Mindset. And we’re going to talk about embedding a customer service culture to help scale your business. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:31] The story of what led her to becoming a customer service expert. 
  • [03:52] Defining great customer service. 
  • [05:53] The importance of identifying touch points. 
  • [07:37] Where companies go wrong with poor customer service. 
  • [10:55] Finding balance and ensuring consistency of outcome without over systemising. 
  • [16:11] Service habits that are integral to creating a service-based culture. 
  • [20:00] Being present and practicing mindfulness on a day-to-day basis. 
  • [24:09] Commercial outcomes of relationship-based business models. 
  • [30:36] Key things to consider in order to scale when you have a service-based, customer-centric business. 
  • [35:47] work in meditation and mindfulness 

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