Imagine leading a team that is self-driven, self-regulated and self-starting so you are able to operate your practice without necessarily being on-site every moment of the day.

What if you created a practice where you could come and go, and know it is still in excellent hands, remaining ever-profitable and productive?

The key is coupling effective leadership with a winning team. Neither can exist without the other; a winning team must include an effective leader.

Taking the time to develop your leadership skills will be the first and most crucial step in building your scaled business; one that creates time and financial freedom.


Mistake #1: Confusing leadership and management

The main difference between leaders and managers is that a leader’s job is to inspire and motivate. People follow and look up to them and see their vision. Managers, on the other hand, plan and direct tasks.

A successful practice owner needs to be a strong leader and manager to get their team on board to create the vision and get the work done.


Mistake #2: Not having a clear vision for the business

If the leader does not have a clear vision, how can the team be excited and involved in the process of developing the business? Without a clear destination to focus on, small irritations become major headaches and teams can become distracted and disheartened.

Provide a destination so that your team know they are making progress for a worthwhile goal. Set milestones and be sure to keep the vision clear and in front of them at all times. During moments of difficulty, it will be the drive that supports the team through.


Mistake #3: Poor communication

The leader needs to be an excellent communicator, but many tend to operate in isolation, closing themselves off in a bubble and leaving the team to fend for themselves.

A team that communicates well, performs well – and leaders who communicate well with their teams can inspire them to higher levels of performance.


Mistake #4: Not delegating effectively

Ultimately, when a business owner is not delegating effectively, they are tied to mundane, low-value tasks, which is not good use of their time, ensuring the business will not fulfil its potential. While you may be the most capable person to handle a particular task in a given scenario, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be the one executing it.

Effective delegation ensures each task is handled by the most appropriate person, so each team member is making the best use of their time. This will improve productivity and profitability, but also ensure they are fulfilled and stimulated.


Mistake #5: Not setting clear expectations for the team

Often teams are excited to work alongside their leader but without clear expectations, they can quickly become disengaged. Teams like to know what is expected of them and when they’re hitting their targets because it gives them something to aim for. Without clear expectations, it is very hard to ensure targets are being met and for appropriate action to be taken if they are not.

Set clear expectations, communicate these with your team, and make sure everyone is on the same page about what their job entails and the metrics to determine success.


Mistake #6: Driving employees

Employees can sometimes be treated as an asset where maximum return is achieved on the salary dollar. When you drive and work your employees you might get their time and energy, but not their heart and soul – and that’s what makes all the difference.

Connect with them, help them relate their personal values and beliefs to the work they’re carrying out, and remember to thank them for a job well done. Good employees are worth their weight in gold, so you want to make sure they stick around.

If you’re interested in more leadership resources, be sure to check out this podcast episode with Scott Stein all about leadership hacks for dental practice owners.



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