As we step into the last chapter of the year, it’s easy to let the momentum fizzle out as our minds turn to the much-anticipated holidays. The goals you set in January may have fallen through the cracks in the tasks and chaos accumulated throughout the year…

But the ball is still in play – we have several months left in which we can still generate profit, attract new patients, and come together as a high performing team.

If you’ve let the energy of the year lapse with time, this is your opportunity to create and sustain momentum within your practice to carry you right through to the finish line.

Focus on your Critical Drivers

It’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of everyday life and practice operations. But my advice to you is to stay focused on the high-value activities that drive your practice and propel your business forward.

There will always be things that compete for your time, but you just have to consistently ask yourself “Is this one of the most important activities for my business? Is this really going to move the needle? Or can this be delegated?”

It’s important to focus on what I call Critical Drivers – the top 20% of tasks that actually drive the practice. The three categories of Critical Drivers are marketing activities, case acceptance, and delivery. Your core activities as a practice and successful business will fall into one of these categories. If not? It’s not a Critical Driver.

If you can prioritise these above all else, your practice is going to propel forward much quicker than if you get lost in the nitty-gritty.

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Why mindset matters

Even though 2020 has been a very chaotic year (to say the least), some of our Savvy Dentist clients have actually pulled in record-breaking profit despite the dental industry being hit hard. And what did these clients all have in common?

They all had ironclad determination and resolve to hit their targets. It’s easy to make excuses and allowances, and soften your approach as the year unfolds. But the clients who really conquered all were the ones who remained ruthless in their pursuit of hitting the targets they set at the start of the year.

This kind of determination lead them to pursue extra guidance and support, really make use of the free tools and resources available to them, and really implement the lessons in their practice. From the webinars, blogs, podcasts, and newsletters we publish weekly, the help you need is there if you take advantage of it.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. Your mindset will determine what you see and how you act – so choose the mindset of a winner.

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Opportunities and trends to be aware of

One of the greatest determinants of success in business is being opportunity-aware.

Your ability to spot and act on emerging trends and opportunities will ultimately be what sets you apart from your competitors and differentiates your practice in the eyes of prospective patients.

The past few years have seen people gravitate towards holistic health, stability, and overall wellbeing. Immune health and disease prevention are increasingly important to people, and there is a greater awareness of the role oral health plays in numerous bodily systems and functions.

This is a huge opportunity for dentists and dental practices to incorporate this consciousness and awareness into your marketing communications so you can better speak to the patient’s needs.

Patients don’t buy a procedure – they buy the results, the outcome. It’s not about the process of being operated on; it’s the health, confidence, and overall wellbeing they gain as a result.

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These trends in particular and jumping on opportunities early will make all the difference in invigorating your practice, getting a leg up on the competition, and closing out the year with a bang!

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