In this episode, I’m joined by Salena Kulkarni to chat about property investing for dentists. Property investing is becoming more and more attractive to everyday Australians, so it is critical that you give yourself an edge over everyone else.

So many people try to kick off their property investing with little more than excitement and a general feeling that they want to create wealth.

There are many voices in the property industry trying to lure you into buying their definition of a good investment, but the truth is that until you build and understand your own personal map, you can’t distinguish the good from the bad and you could end up at the wrong destination.

Salena Kulkarni works with successful professionals who are time poor, but who want to create real wealth; that is, more money, more time and more freedom.

She is passionate about tailoring property strategies and solutions for property investors to help them achieve their goals sooner. She provides advice which takes into account their means, circumstances and risk profile and gives them a practical plan to get them to their goals.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 04:44: Whether anyone can learn the skills required for successful property investing
  • 06:29: Whether it’s too late to start investing in property when you’re older in years
  • 06:49: The four seasons of property investing
  • 09:00: What’s so attractive about property as an asset class for investment
  • 13:53: How to start developing your own game plan for property investing
  • 18:37: Finding the right balance for you between investment and lifestyle
  • 25:24: Examining and managing risk
  • 28:00: The importance of building your financial power team
  • 28:37: Common mistakes in property investing and how to avoid them
  • 31:10: The importance of building your network of mentors and advisors
  • 36:13: Why clarifying your vision is a crucial starting point

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