Success leaves clues. So what are some of the habits of successful dental practice owners?

In this episode, I lay out key habits I’ve observed successful dental business owners take into their business every day. The people who succeed are those who take their businesses to the next level. Being a good dentist is not enough, you need to have some great business skills to compliment your great clinical skills.

Whether you’re a dental practice owner, or a business person looking to up level your business and productivity, adopting some or all of these habits will make a huge difference to you and your business.

Here are the 10 habits, but listen in for concrete examples and action steps to integrate these habits into your daily life.

Highly successful dental practice owners:

1. Focus on key tasks
2. Prioritise Key Drivers
3. Use their time effectively
4. Take imperfect action
5. Are willing to fail from time to time
6. Develop resiliency
7. Learn to enjoy marketing
8. Take time to recharge
9. Build a team
10. Read