In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jesse Green is joined by Michelle Tayler from Marketing Practices.

Marketing is what will drive your business forward, and it will help you achieve new heights of revenue, and scale.

Michelle is a marketing professional who works specifically with dental practice owners to help you implement effective marketing strategies to attract new patients and retain existing ones … and ultimately, feel more comfortable with your ongoing marketing strategy.

So, if you lack the time and your marketing approach is a little ad hoc and doesn’t seem to get much traction, or, you realise the value of a strong online presence, but find it nearly impossible to keep up to date with the rapid developments in digital and social media marketing. In this episode you will gain not only the confidence, but the clarity on how to increase your marketing efforts and see instant results.

Michelle describes how to encourage your patients to authentically refer your practice, without feeling like a salesperson?

Marketing is just a small element of all the things that you are juggling with the heavy demands of running your practice, so press play and learn how you can strategically increase your marketing, and your revenue.

  • [2:46] – Why are practice owners not comfortable with marketing?
  • [9:52] – Why you MUST be authentic in your marketing.
  • [13:10] – There is no magic marketing button. But these are the tips and tricks.
  • [21:39] – You will never need to ‘sell’ to your clients and future patients again.
  • [29:39] – How to market your practice – the sensible way.
  • [34:29] – How to recruit and train a marketing pro in your practice. (note: You might already have ‘that’ person on staff)