On this episode, I’m joined by Alexi Neocleous to discuss effective content marketing strategies for dental practice owners.

The world of content can seem big and intimidating, especially when you’re busy running your own practice.

In this episode, Alexi Neocleous talks to us about creating content that attracts and retains customers. Alexi is one of the leading direct response freelance copywriters in Australia. He’s known as a copywriter who gets fast results for his clients.

As a world class copywriter, Alexi has generated hundreds of millions in sales over 18 years. As a mentor, he has trained dozens of writers who have continued on to forge their own successful writing careers. In just one recent campaign, one of our clients consistently brought in $100,000 for every $10,000 invested on marketing.

In this episode, we discuss:

6:17: Why understanding the human condition is key to good copy

9:50: Why trust is paramount for dental care copy

12:14: Where copy and content writing fit into a dental practice

17:30: How to quickly move people through a funnel & when to put an offer in front of someone

19:51: Tips for pitching an offer effectively

22:40: Creating content that works quickly and easily for dentists

29:24: Harnessing the power of direct mail

35:27: A simple process for small business owners to create effective content

37:27: Tips for delivering content consistently

42:51: Tips for dentists to grow their practice using content marketing

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