In this episode, Yu Dan Shi joins us as she shares her expertise about helping people break through from where they are to where they want to get thru and achieve success and happiness in their life.

Yu Dan is a business mentor, executive coach, founder of Inner Genius, and the author of Come Alive. Her personal experience on losing her passion and motivation in her career in 2008 has led her to this path of searching for answers and becoming a coach & mentor for professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who want to find clarity in their life, career and business so they can focus on what really matters and succeed with joy and meaning.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 01:25: The story of how Yu Dan started working in this space.
  • 03:51: Does everyone experience dips in their careers?
  • 07:21: Hitting your defining moment and making changes to make your path more enjoyable.
  • 11:55: Beginning the process of working on internal rather than external factors.
  • 18:43: Message for business people having problems switching off.
  • 22:44: Handling transitions and defining moments in your 40s and 50s.
  • 27:20: Key habits and behaviors of the most successful and fulfilled people – the 4 Practices.
  • 36:40: Giving yourself the gift of quiet time and daily restoration.
  • 41:00: Do the inner work now before reaching your defining moment.

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