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In Episode 159 of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we are going to talk about an important business metric that we need to understand and consider – maximising cash flow. I share with you five things you can do to enhance your business cash flow, how you can do it and some real-life examples of applying this to your practice or business.


In this episode we discuss: 

  • 02:07: Understanding business metrics.
  • 04:11: The reason why people are not looking into cash flow and why they should.
  • 05:02: What is cash flow composed of?
  • 05:40: How to convert your business assets into cash flow.
  • 06:24: Things you can do with free cash flow.
  • 07:19: Mastering and maximising cash flow.
  • 07:40: Five things you can do to enhance cash flow in your business.
  • 07:46: First: Maximising Revenue
  • 09:41: Second: Minimising your expenditure
  • 12:38: Third: Reduce accounts receivable days
  • 14:25: Fourth: Minimising inventory days
  • 15:57: Fifth: Increase payable days
  • 17:07: Quick recap on how you can maximise your cash flow.


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