In today’s episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, we’re going to look at an interesting and different way of digital marketing. I’ve invited Will Arana, Founder and CEO of Dental Boss, the digital marketing agency whose model is a unique and impressive one. Will has been a lead digital marketer with years of experience and has managed over a million dollars of ad spends on social media alone. Will is going to walk us through how their digital marketing services work and its benefits to clients. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:38] Finding his path into digital marketing. 
  • [04:19] The things Will loves about the digital marketing space.
  • [06:07] The difference of traditional digital marketing versus what they do. 
  • [10:43] Will explains lead nurturing. 
  • [12:02] Combining traditional with modern digital marketing. 
  • [15:17] The different model they practice with their services. 
  • [17:19] The reason why agencies don’t practice performance-based services. 
  • [19:25] A walk through on their advertising process. 
  • [26:36] Their model versus the traditional model. 
  • [29:22] Conversion of clients. 
  • [32:13] Types of products that work with their type of marketing. 
  • [33:23] Benefits clients can expect to see with their services. 

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