All of us want to bring in new clients and nurture current ones so that we can have a thriving and successful business. We can only do this if we have a good marketing strategy in place. But let’s admit that most dental practices don’t know how to market themselves. In this episode, the Founder of Dental Marketing Solutions, Angus Pryor joins us to talk about his expertise. We discuss tons of practical and implementable tips such as how to market your practice; attract new patients; and market online, offline, and everything in between. 


In this episode we discuss:

  • [01:49] Angus gives us a quick overview of his career background.
  • [07:19] What his role in government has allowed him to be a better business person.
  • [09:51] Things dentists need to understand about marketing.
  • [14:28] Understanding what a marketing funnel is.
  • [17:28] Integration of online and offline marketing.
  • [26:46] The most fun ads Angus has done.
  • [28:15] The Marketing Gospel according to Angus.


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