Having great conversations sounds like it should come naturally, but that isn’t always the case. Effective communication is learned and can deliver great outcomes for businesses, teams, and their patients or clients. In this episode, Chris Fennings, author of The First Minute: How to Get Start Conversations that Get Results, joins us to talk about just that. Chris is a masterful communicator who is on a mission to help more technical, Type A people (as many dentists are!) to become great conversationalists and communicators.

This episode covers how to frame conversations, the difference between frameworks and scripts and why you should choose the former, common mistakes people make in communication and how to avoid them, and so much more.  


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:53] Chris shares his background, how he found his way into communications and his impetus for writing his book.
  • [05:21] The difference between being a communicator and conversationalist.
  • [07:52] Why Chris almost didn’t write this book – and what he had planned to write instead.
  • [12:23] The reasons why some conversations don’t get results.
  • [15:07] The power and benefits of reframing.
  • [21:48] Importance of frameworks and the structure a framework can give you to guide you through a conversation.
  • [24:55] Being intentional around the framework used in business.
  • [27:32] Tips for becoming more intentional.
  • [31:45] Why we need to learn communication.
  • [34:15] Understanding cultural overlay in communication.
  • [37:15] Chris shares a very special promotion he is offering. 


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