The value of having a great team is undeniably important and appreciated by both practice owners and team members alike. With that being said, having an A team to help you run your practice is a big key to its success.

In this episode, owner and founder of Dental A Team Keira Dent talks to us about the nuts and bolts of building a great team – from the essential elements that make it up, to recruiting, and great marketing to attract the A team of your dreams.   


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:34] The COVID 19 experience for doctors and dentists in the US.
  • [07:09] Lessons practice owners took from taking a month off from work.
  • [10:07] How owner burnout affects the performance of their practices.
  • [13:24] The benefits of building a great team.
  • [17:40] How and why practice owners should start sharing goals with their team.
  • [22:58] Tips on marketing to and attracting team members who are high calibre and engaged. 


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