In this short episode, I want to share my top tips and thoughts to help you attract and hire the best team members for your practice. Great team members are hard to come by especially in the current state of the labour market. But if you have the foundations in place to attract the right team members, you’ll be able to build your dream team in no time.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [00:57] The challenge in the labour market at the moment
  • [01:40] The mindset of marketing for talent.
  • [03:42] Having and understanding your employer value proposition.
  • [04:40] Improving the ads you release to attract the right team members.
  • [05:58] The importance of a screening process.
  • [07:15] Marking rubrics for assessing applicants for an interview.
  • [08:34] Preparing interview questions to see if they are a great culture fit.
  • [10:31] Having a magnetic job offer.


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