Episode highlights:

If energy is infectious then you’re about to test positive.
He’s not a dentist or a practice owner, and wouldn’t know a filling from a drilling.
He is, however, an international speaker and athlete. Cam Calkoen also has Cerebral Palsy and a wicked sense of humor.
Cam is living proof that a combination of good grace, good humor and big hairy goals is what it takes to succeed.
You’ll love his uncomplicated approach to being open in order to become the best version of you and others in your circle.
Learn how to connect with others, stay true to yourself, celebrate the difference and above everything else be AWESOME!

Please meet Cam Colkoen …

In this episode we discuss:

  • [7:27] – Cam’s story
  • [8:50] – Connection via humour
  • [10:25] – Dare to dream
  • [25:17] – Celebrate the difference
  • [29:30] – Connect with your people
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