In this episode Jesse chats to Dr. Glen Richards.

Glen is the Founder of Greencross Vets, the Founder of Pet Barn, he’s been a Shark on 3 seasons of Shark Tank Australia.

As one of Australia’s wealthiest people, Glen has lived experience in starting and running a business that drives enterprise value and generates true wealth.

In this conversation Glen explains some of the fundamentals of running a dental practice, not just to grow it … but to scale it.

This is an absolute Masterclass in how to grow your business, how to think like a business owner, how to operate your business better, and (most importantly) how to increase your results and profit.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [8:01] – Writing a business plan the Glen Richards way.
  • [14:09] – Glen describes the teething problems you’ll encounter in growing and scaling your practice.
  • [27:50] – How do you grow and build your people and culture.
  • [36:20] – Going from professional services … to retail.
  • [42:21] – The Shark from Shark Tank explains how to ‘pitch’ your business idea.

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