In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jesse Green is joined by Jerry Kennard from Evoke Projects. Evoke is an interior design, construction and project management firm with clients all over Australia.

Jerry is a highly focused and results driven Managing Director who leads through example and motivates the Evoke team to work to their full potential. He inspires his team to think outside the box when delivering creative and visionary office design and fit-out solutions to ensure that every client not only achieves their operational objectives but also increases the engagement, productivity and retention of their team. 

Jerry believes the physical environment is like the soil for every team to grow in, and ultimately the determinant of their success.

In this episode Jesse & Jerry discuss how to understand your desired result and your objectives when contemplating a dental practice fit-out? The end that you have in mind is only the beginning. 

Dental Practice designs are so much more than plans on paper: they are the future of your business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [3:41] – What common mistakes do people make as practice owners building a new practice?
  • [6:47] – When is it best to contact a project manager?
  • [9:52] – What to look for when selecting a new premise.
  • [13:51] – Why we must consider the client/patient … the ‘human’ experience, within your planning and design process.
  • [18:41] – So who is your ideal patient, and why your strategic ‘marketing’ must be considered when creating a fit-out and an environment for your team and ongoing business growth.
  • [28:15] – OK, so let’s talk about the budget. How much do you need to be thinking for a fit-out?
  • [36:10] – Always read the contract! Staying on-budget is important, as is working to a particular time frame. How do you manage a project schedule?

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