In this episode Dr. Jesse Green is joined by Dominique “Dom” Brightmon, a certified trainer with the Maxwell Leadership Team, bestselling author, and host of the Going North Podcast

The Going North Podcast is an informational, inspirational, and motivational podcast where published authors share their life experiences to help others advance themselves.

And we know that for our business to grow, we MUST grow. And sometimes we have to do that inner work, before we see the outer results.

In today’s conversation Dom & Jesse discuss self-leadership, how we need to show up, and how to identify and develop great people within our team and give them confidence in their skills and abilities.

If we want to go FAST in our business, we can go it alone, but if you want to go FAR in your business, then you’ll need to do that involving other people.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [6:28] – It’s great to read the books and go to the seminars … however at some point you need to use the tools you’ve learnt. Dom discusses how you can implement what you learn through self-development.
  • [12:56] – Dom is a published author and successful podcast creator. He explains the meaning behind the title ‘Going North’.
  • [18:03] – Managing the decisions you make everyday can be the beginning to understanding how you influence other people. If you’re not self-leading yourself well, then other people are not going to be inspired to listen and follow you.
  • [21:35] – So what are the two characteristics you need to hone for other people to be influenced by you?
  • [25:57] – How do you identify, develop, nurture and nourish the people you feel have leadership qualities?

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