In this episode Dr. Jesse Green is joined by Kellie Tomney to talk about a really important topic, that is, future-proofing you, and future-proofing your practice.
We know that we are living through changing times, and we know that the only true constant is ‘change’, so how do we continue to find that personal fulfillment and satisfaction, not just for you, but also for your team.
In this episode you’ll learn how to develop your leadership style to get the best out of your people. When we have a team that are engaged in their work, doing their highest and best work, we create an unstoppable force.
Kellie Tomney is a Future of Work expert who has futureproofed thousands of organisations & leaders globally.
After an award-winning corporate career, Kellie is now a global thought leader and international best-selling author of Futureproof You.
Kellie’s fresh, strategic & unique framework gets to, and has a transformational impact on ‘what really matters’.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [6:12] – Kellie explains why she feels that ‘work is broken’ and how we as leaders in our businesses can help navigate our people and our organisations through the coming years. The question is: Will you change with the times, or will you be forced to change because of them?
  • [12:19] – Jesse & Kellie discuss how we can find fulfillment in our work, and how we can help our teams find fulfillment.
  • [16:57] – Know thyself. If you don’t know yourself, you have little impact on leading your team and subsequently your business. Kellie and Jesse discuss a pathway for you to start understanding your purpose and values.
  • [24:56] – Future Proofing your organisation in a time when things are constantly changing can revolve around a simple and unified purpose for your practice.
  • [28:03] – How you live, is how you lead. Kellie describes the power in understanding and working on your own ‘leadership brand’. Being simple and consistent in what you stand for, and what you consistently activate on a daily basis.
  • [36:49] – The application of knowledge around futureproofing is summed up by Kellie with these 3 fantastic hacks that you can implement immediately in your practice and your life.

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