In this episode Dr. Jesse Green is joined by Assadi Youssef

Assadi Youssef is a former hacker working at KPMG as a cybersecurity consultant. He helps Australian businesses improve cybersecurity because he knows how to exploit their weak points.

Assadi is passionate about all things IT, with a special interest in Cyber Security. Assadi was introduced to cyber at the young age of 13 and dabbled more seriously with it during highschool.

In this episode we talk about what hackers think, how they think, and how they exploit weaknesses in systems. But most importantly we talk about risk mitigation and how best to protect your data. We also discuss what to do if indeed the ‘worst’ does happen and you are breached, including how to talk to your patients and how to recover your data.

We know that we have to be conscious of the data we hold and we’ve got to put in place steps to protect it.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [3:09] – How do you become a hacker?
  • [7:55] – What drives a hacker’s behaviour?
  • [12:45] – What is the art of social engineering and how can you utilise the same skills a hacker uses, in your day to day business?
  • [21:47] – How do hackers decide which business to attack and do hackers have a moral compass?
  • [26:44] – With so much personal patient data held on file, what can you do in your practice to avoid being a ‘soft-target’ to hackers?
  • [33:49] – As a small business, if you are breached, how do you respond and recover your data, while also managing the people affected?