In this episode, Dr. Jesse Green is joined by Julian Muldoon who is the founder of 1Group property advisory services.

Julian’s been helping health practitioners for 12 years find the right property, and comply with the numerous different regulations and factors to consider.

In this conversation we talk about three big elements of a property strategy.

The first one is your location strategy. In other words, which area should you choose according to clientele, visibility, and business opportunity?

But once you’ve found the right location, what sort of property should you be looking for that allows for future growth? Do you rent it? Do you buy it? What are the considerations for each of those strategies?

And finally, how does that interact with your overall business strategy and what are you trying to achieve from a commercial outcome?

Julian Muldoon has a very skillful and practical nature of bringing all these things together into one cohesive picture.

And you’re gonna wanna have your pen and paper handy because there’s some real value bombs that he drops as we discuss ‘Getting your location and property strategy right’.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [4:12] – It’s human nature to leave things until the last minute, so when should we start thinking about our property strategy?
  • [9:29] – So what do we evaluate about the site once we have found the area we want to set-up in? Julian explains the specific details you need to consider and how to surround yourself with professionals such as town planners, traffic management consultants, interior designers, and architects.
  • [14:11] – So what are the pitfalls to beware of when going through your business site planning?
  • [18:40] – What clauses in a lease should you see as a red flag?
  • [22:36] – Julian explains some great tactics when negotiating a lease or sale.
  • [31:59] – Before you do anything – Julian shares his wisdom and suggests what you should do first.

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