As dentists, we all understand and appreciate the value of a great patient experience – one with a strong human connection.

When we connect with patients  emotionally, we  develop empathy, understand them, and get inside their head so we can appreciate what they’re going through as they experience our services.

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jesse chats with digital strategist, Chris Hood. Chris has been within the film & TV industry, the computer gaming industry, as well as working for Google. He brings a really deep understanding of technology coupled with human psychology, and how to integrate the two for the best customer experience.

Jesse and Chris discuss why we do the things we do, and what we need as humans to create a great dental experience. They talk about the modern day intersection of both a human experience with a technology experience and how we can streamline and simplify our patients’ experience of our practices.


  • [5:42] – What is a ‘human centered’ experience and how might it look for our patient?
  • [8:23] – How can we make the patient experience better and more human?
  • [20:38] – Why it’s incredibly valuable and important for you to understand how technology changes the way our patients interact with our businesses.
  • [24:48] – 73% of customers will choose the ‘experience’ they have with your business, over the ‘price’ they are charged. Consumers are NOT only motivated by ‘price’. That is why you must consider the human centred approach you give your patients.
  • [28:40] – How will Artificial Intelligence (A.I) affect our businesses in years to come?
  • [36:13] – At the end of the day, remember to have a strong empathetic approach to ensure you have a ‘human centered’ patient experience that can never be replicated by technology.