In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, we’re talking about a topic that every single practice owner needs to know, understand, and appreciate.

That topic is HR compliance.

We know that when HR goes well, our team is fantastic, everyone feels supported, and things run smoothly. But when things don’t go well, you can find yourself in the midst of time consuming, emotionally draining, and costly issues.

Sally Murphy from Purple Playground joins Dr. Jesse Green to help us understand what practice owners need to know about HR compliance to avoid issues before they arise. 

Sally Murphy is an expert in all things HR. She’s worked her whole professional life in this sphere for both large companies, and now with small to medium enterprises including many dental practices. 

Sally is here to let us know what we need to have in terms of policies and procedures, and how to stay on the right side of the compliance line.

  • [4:54] – In a small dental practice business, people are our brand and we know it’s important to surround ourselves with a great team. So as dentists, what do we need to do to bring the best out of people and what structures and policies do we need to have in place?
  • [10:28] – So if the Fair Work Ombudsman comes knocking, what do you do?
  • [15:43] – What sort of policies must we have in place that allow our businesses to be ‘fit for purpose’ and are ‘bespoke for our dental industry’.
  • [26:13] – Creating an environment for our team to succeed can definitely support the policies our business has in place. Build culture by having one-on-one conversations with your team regularly.
  • [28:53] – Record keeping is key. What documents and policies are crucial, where do we keep them, what is the best way to manage these processes?