Greg Page is possibly best known as the original yellow Wiggle. But in 2020, he made headlines after suffering a cardiac arrest on stage.

At the end of a performance by the group raising funds for bushfire relief, one of his arteries blocked 100% and caused a sudden cardiac arrest. If not for the quick thinking and life saving skills of bystanders, chances are Greg would have died. 

His life was saved because of CPR and an AED at Castle Hill RSL Club that was brought to the stage, and used to revert his heart to a normal rhythm in time for paramedics to arrive and stabilise him until he received lifesaving surgery.

Upon waking up in recovery, Greg was told that 90% people who suffer a sudden cardiac don’t make it out of hospital alive, which shocked Greg. 

Now, Greg is on a mission to educate others about the importance of knowing CPR, and making AED’s more VISIBLE, ACCESSIBLE AND ACTIONABLE in our communities.

  • [4:50] – How can the business lessons from a children’s music group who have toured the world, be applied to your Dental Practice?
  • [10:45] – The transition from Dentist to Business owner can be daunting. Greg explains how The Wiggles went from Band to Brand – and built a global business brand with no business experience.
  • [18:36] – How can you leverage your support staff and create your own Dorothy The Dinosaur?
  • [25:16] – Having a heart attack and cardiac arrest on stage changed Greg’s life forever.
  • [31:39] – AED’s are incredibly important. Greg has a foundation ‘Heart Of The Nation’ that notifies the community and allows you to share your AED with anyone who may need it in an emergency.