As a practice owner, you’ve probably wondered… how do I become a better leader? 

If you’ve ever had those thoughts, then you’re going to really resonate with this episode. 

Professor Barry Posner has studied leadership and entrepreneurship for over 30 years. He’s authored over 12 books on the topic. One of those books is called The Leadership Challenge, and has sold over 3 million copies. Barry has consulted to companies like Apple and Amazon and WD-40 to name just a few. He’s incredibly well respected in the field of leadership. And in this episode Dr. Jesse and Barry talk about his five key practices that are useful and helpful for every leader.

We know that leadership is a skill that can be learned. We know that there are basic principles that govern leadership and whether the context shifts and changes from one day to the next or into the future, we know that these principles will serve you very well. So in this episode, we’re going to unpack those five principles.

  • [6:42] – There is a difference between ‘leadership’ and someone who considers themselves a ‘leader’ due to their title. Understanding this difference will allow you to grow and serve your team on every level.
  • [16:34] – Communication can build a connection with your team. It’s hard for anyone to follow you if they don’t understand who ‘you’ are, what your values are.
  • [19:05] – Many practice owners struggle with growing and learning leadership. Trusting people and allowing them to feel capable can be a powerful first step in growing your leadership skill.
  • [23:33] – How can you identify if your team doesn’t exhibit trust, and what signals will your team show when they do feel trusted?
  • [28:56] – It’s a myth that “it’s lonely at the top”. It’s only lonely if you isolate yourself from your team. When you openly communicate and become vulnerable with your team it can open up an empathy that strengthens our human-to-human connection.
  • [34:06] – How will leadership change in the future and what can you do to prepare and grow into the future as a better, stronger, more trustworthy leader to your team?