In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast Dr Jesse Green is joined by Carlos Davidovich. 

Carlos has a background as a medical practitioner for 20 years in Argentina where he became fascinated by neuroscience. Carlos is now a professor of neuro management at the University of New York, and also in Prague in the Czech Republic. 

In today’s episode, Dr Jesse & Carlos discuss ‘why we do the things we do’.

Utilising Carlos’ understanding of the neuroscience of success, you can delve deeper into your own habits and characteristics, and also gain understanding of the motivations and actions of both your team members, and patients.

  • [11:38] – We are social beings … understanding how the brain works allows us to understand the external world regarding human behavior. 
  • [19:24] –  The hardest thing about running your business … is people. How do we strike that right balance between being an effective leader and achieving goals, while also managing our team dynamics well enough to feel like we are caring, empathetic and supportive?
  • [25:17] – One of the good things about being a highly sensitive leader … is intuition. When you can feel things that perhaps others can’t feel. So what is the role of that ‘intuition’ in leadership? 
  • [39:08] – Why is common sense so uncommon? Is there a neuroscience explanation of common sense? 
  • [43:41] – Some of your team are more creative than others … Is creativity a skill that can be taught?