In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast we’re having a really important conversation around ‘progress’, and how it relates to leadership for the practice owner.

We all want to feel like we’re making progress. We want to feel like tomorrow’s gonna be better than today.

There are three perspectives on progress that will help you accelerate your practice’s growth, its development, and of course, its progress. 

There is a misconception that progress is linear, that if you were to chart it on a graph, it would go from low on the bottom left, to high on the top right. 

Of course, that’s just not true.

It’s really important to understand what progress looks like. So press play and let’s go through it.

  • [2:38] – The first leadership lesson. Progress is progress… so, what drives progress, and how do we achieve progress? 
  • [4:32] – The upward phase or trajectory is what we call visible progress. We can see it. Our numbers are good. We can feel it. We can see it. We can measure it. But in what if there is a plateau, or even a dip? This is invisible progress.
  • [6:18] – The concept of perturbation. We all do it … but what is it and how does it affect progress in the organisation?
  • [10:39] – We must understand our team so that we can work cohesively together and get the best out of each other. As humans, each of us will respond to pressure.
  • [14:29] – Why it’s imperative to try and think ‘above the line’, not ‘below the line’.