Sales isn’t a dirty word … or just a business function.

Magnetic corporations and brands attract and bond with their customers differently. So can our Dental practices.

Ingrid Maynard has an impressive 25-year track record of transforming business outcomes in record time frames for some of Australia and New Zealand’s most iconic brands. 

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Ingrid speaks about sales through an inspired, heartfelt and purpose-driven lens. Pragmatic, practical steps we can all use immediately in our business.

  • [5:15] – Being an introvert is OK.
  • [8:26] – Why anyone can be a great salesperson.
  • [17:44] – Selling is about focusing on the things you can control.
  • [21:55] – How to develop your sales skill – step-by-step.
  • [29:26] – Understand the outcome our patient desires, then it becomes easy to sell to them.
  • [35:26] – How to develop and engage our team to sell to patients.