In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jesse Green chats to friend and colleague Dr. Rashi Gupta.

Dr. Gupta owns multiple dental practices plus many other businesses that complement and capture the community around the areas of her Dental Practices, including childcare centers, general anesthetic facilities, medical centers, and cafes. 

In addition, Dr. Gupta has built a real estate portfolio to support her business portfolio. 

In this episode, Dr. Gupta discusses the lessons she has learned as she’s built this ecosystem of businesses.

Dr Rashi Gupta has been practising dentistry for more than 23 years. 

In 2022 she was awarded for being one of the TOP 3 Dentists in Geelong and was recognised as a Global Women Leader in 2022 by Passion Vista.

Additionally, she was featured in Bite magazine for her ability to transform obstacles into opportunities.

“Resilience is having the ability to transform obstacles into opportunities, something dentist and business owner Dr Rashi Gupta has in spades” 

– Bite Magazine.


  • [2:46] – Dr. Gupta’s business and property portfolio explained from the first humble beginnings.
  • [5:38] – How to create excitement and bring your team along for the business acquisition ride.
  • [11:56] – The biggest lesson Dr. Gupta has learned from her first Dental Practice … to now. (we’ll give you a hint … it is described in ONE word!)
  • [15:24] – With over 12 properties in the portfolio, Dr. Gupta explains how her negotiation style has evolved and how she believes that negotiation is all about finding a win-win outcome for both parties.
  • [19:40] – The greatest learnings are to stay calm no matter what noise is happening around you, and that you should never stop learning.
  • [21:58] – The business evolution from Dentist, to owner, to mentor … and how to delegate.
  • [23:18] – Creating clear roles for your team can make all the difference. Dr. Gupta explains her process in detail.
  • [26:17] – How to build a business empire. From Dentistry, to schools, to cafes.
  • [35:27] – The secrets to building a great team and building great wealth.