What do dental practices and soccer have in common?

David Beckham.

How? Let me paint a picture for you.

There is no one quite like David Beckham. He’s a talented footballer and household name.

But he’s also a world famous – and world class – iconic brand. The man is a marketing genius.

There’s no doubt he’s extremely good at what he does. But he’s also channelled those skills and turned them into a money-making machine off the field as well.

He’s brokered million-dollar deals and partnerships, worked his way into other industries. He is a coveted fashion model for huge global brands.

He also has his own fashion labels, fragrances, and other merchandise. Not only iconic, these are businesses that he continues to profit from.

You know I like to take a cue from pop culture and other industries outside of dentistry for innovative business ideas that can be used in dental practice management, marketing, and systems.

Here are the dental marketing strategies we can learn from David Beckham.

1. Be more

Just like Beckham, you are exceptional at what you do too … but it’s not enough to stand out from the crowd these days.

Yes, Beckham is a soccer player, but he’s more than that. He’s a fashion designer, model, athlete, celebrity…He became something bigger than just the captain of a world-class soccer team.

You don’t fix teeth. You give people the gift of great health and wellbeing, to look their best, to increase their self-confidence; empowering them so they can lead their best life.

2. Hustle

Hustling means to give it your all, get out there and sell and promote. To work hard and bend it like Beckham.

No one said dental marketing was easy. But you won’t get superstar status without some serious hustle and dedicated work ethics. Be committed to achieving your goals and your desired outcome whatever that means to you.

Try different things, if they don’t work. Tweak them so they do or learn from your mistakes and get back out there and hustle some more.

3. Shoot for the stars

Dream big because, well, … why not?

Your kind of “shooting for the stars” may not be superstardom in your industry like David Beckham. It may mean having a successful business that works without you there so you can spend more time with your family.

Or having a passive income from products you sell such as a book or download on your website. There is no harm having a big vision for your dental practice and dental marketing can help you get there.

4. Be humble

You can’t do it all on your own; there are three very important things you need: Customers, a team and your supporters (that is, your family, friends, and colleagues).

These people, plus others like your dental business coach and mentors, allow you to play your biggest game. Without your customers, you’d be like Beckham without his fans – out of business.

So thank them, look after them and give them the credit. Being humble will pay big dividends in your dental business because your customers will appreciate it and sing your praises. They’ll become your very own fan base.

5. Plan Ahead

Every superstar needs a plan, even those like David Beckham.

He has a coach. He has mentors. He has advisers. And you need them too.

Get a plan together for your business if you haven’t already, and work with an experienced dental business coach to help and guide you in the right direction.

Consider your next move and make sure they are always in line with your values.

6. Never Listen

David Beckham’s upbringing was similar to millions of others. His mother was a hairdresser and his father was a kitchen fitter.

He has an older sister and younger sister and he played football as a child. All pretty typical stuff.

At school, when teachers asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, Beckham would answer, “I want to be a footballer.”

His teachers would say, “No, what do you really want to do, for a job?” But football was the only thing he ever wanted to do.

He didn’t listen to all those people who clearly thought he couldn’t be a footballer – he persevered.

Don’t listen to naysayers. Stick to your goals, and never give up.

7. Do What It Takes

In his book Both Feet on the Ground, Beckham says that he attended church every week with his parents.


Because that was the only way he could play football for their team.

He did whatever it took to play football. He went the extra distance and did things that others wouldn’t.

What can you do that other people are not doing? How can you go the extra distance to ensure your business success?

Boost Your Brand

There are lots of soccer stars in the world.

But you don’t have to be a soccer fan to know David Beckham. He’s a household name, a brand in his own right. He’s a celebrity, and incredibly successful.

He got there by working hard and doing the things that other people weren’t prepared to do. He didn’t listen to people who thought he couldn’t make it.

He shot for the stars, dreamed big, and made his dreams come true.

And you can do that too.

Start now. Dream BIG.

Then start putting one foot in front of the other until you’ve built your brand and your dream.

It really is as simple as that.

So, what are you waiting for?

Dream. Build. Succeed.