Dr Harry Marget is the principle dentist and director of East Bentleigh Dental Group. Dr Marget’s journey began in 1972. Since then he has done clinical hypnosis, chiropractic, myotherapy, orthodontics and implant surgery. His real passion is pain control and orthodontics.

Dr Marget graduated from Adelaide University and has worked all over Australia. He is an astute businessman and in this interview, you will be blown away by his insights into growing your dental practice.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Why multiple practices might not be the best growth strategy
  • Missteps made by young practice owners
  • Opportunities for younger dentists
  • What commercial astuteness means and why you absolutely need it
  • What to do when times get tough
  • Why and how you should be investing in your staff
  • and much more!

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