Dr Luke Cronin runs an exclusive cosmetic dentistry clinic in Sydney. In this episode, we discuss building a niche dental clinic that focuses exclusively on cosmetic dentistry and attracts high-end clients. If you’re thinking about incorporating high-end cosmetic services into your practice, Luke shares his tips and techniques, such and digital workflows, communication standards and more.

Dr Cronin has a specific interest in cosmetic smile design, digital workflows, porcelain veneers and clear aligner therapy. Luke’s passion for balanced, natural looking smiles has attracted models, actors, fitness personalities worldwide.

As an early adopter of the latest technology and dental techniques, Dr Cronin plans, designs and delivers ideal outcomes coupled with a more efficient, predictable and comfortable patient experience.

Dr Cronin is regularly featured as the leading cosmetic dentists in his regular segments on television and publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Marie-Claire. Luke has a significant following on social media that allows him to regularly connect with his international client base.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 04:48: Lessons in building a cosmetic practice
  • 06:14: Mastering digital workflows for better and predictable patient outcomes
  • 09:49: Using publicity and the power of editorial pieces to market a new practice
  • 12:51: Things to consider when adding cosmetic services to a traditional practice
  • 15:30: Common pitfalls to avoid when starting out in cosmetic dentistry services
  • 19:21: Keys to selecting the best patients for cosmetic services
  • 20:35: Tips for better communication and managing patient expectations
  • 25:20: Case presentation and case acceptance tips in cosmetic dentistry
  • 27:54: The things you need to succeed in cosmetic dentistry
  • And more

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