In today’s competitive market, dental practice owners are embracing entrepreneurial habits and ideas to grow their businesses. In episode 99, I’ve invited Elijah Desmond, a serial entrepreneur who works in the dental space to share his insights around what it takes to be a successful dental entrepreneur.

Elijah Desmond is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in over 300 different dental offices over the years and garnered invaluable experience. He has seen first-hand what techniques worked for increasing production and motivating staff. Perhaps more importantly, he learned why such techniques worked and why others didn’t. 

Plus, he is the founder of the unique Dental Conference, Smiles At Sea, and speaks regularly around the U.S. and internationally.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 4:22 What sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest 
  • 5:28 The power of following through 
  • 7:00 How to determine what you should commit to.
  • 8:34 The key to success
  • 9:25 How to find your passion
  • 13:16 Elijah’s biggest mistake and how dentists often do exactly the same thing
  • 17:58 Why most dentists are doing team huddles wrong and how to fix it.
  • 24:09 The power of letting go of control
  • 29:16 Why the future of marketing is in mobile/cell phone marketing
  • 32:10 The common marketing mistakes made by dental practices

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