So, last week we celebrated the Savvy Dentist podcast century.

We made it. One hundred episodes.

I’m happy to say, I’ve reached my first official podcast ‘tonne’.

Although I never quite got there playing cricket, it seems I’ve managed here.

Milestone moment – ‘100 not out’ with the Savvy Dentist podcast.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, catch up with the Savvy Dentist podcast here.

Times like these are the perfect opportunity to reflect: on progress, achievements and lessons learned.

Really, my journey through production of 100 episodes of Savvy Dentist is a good analogy for life.

And I’m keen to share that with you here.

Read on and take the shortcut to master what took me many hours and a few mistakes to make.

Lesson #1 Define Your Own Version of Success

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and thought, Golly, my life does not look like that?

I have.

But I don’t do it half as much as I did before Savvy Dentist got started.

You see I learned that while the lives of other people might look fabulous, what’s important is how I look at my life.

It also matters how I see myself.

Reaching that point requires being comfortable in my own skin.

And the Savvy Dentist podcast has helped me with that acceptance.

I find it fascinating that speaking to the podcast guests each week only confirms what I already know.

We’re not that different from one another.

Actually, as entrepreneurs, we experience similar challenges in business and life.

This awareness means we’re more accepting of others.

Importantly, it makes us more accepting of ourselves. We’re also more likely to be comfortable with our own definition of success.

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Lesson #2 Aim For Mastery

Another gem that’s emerged through my Savvy Dentist podcast guests is the aspirational goal of mastery.

With each guest an expert in their own field, there have been numerous examples of mastery in motion.

I’ve discovered it matters less what you’re trying to master, and more that you’re aiming for mastery.

If there was no other take-away from Savvy Dentist, this alone is gold.

Like most entrepreneurs, my business career has been punctuated by invaluable lessons.

These have only been possible because I’ve sought to be truly proficient – even masterful – in certain areas.

Have made it on all fronts?

No, of course not.

In fact, I’m still a way off in some areas, but there’s no need to master everything.

The key is that I’m on the move, I’m not looking back and I’ve converting experience to wisdom.

Lesson #3 Value Relationships and Connections

Okay, so this one might sound clichéd, but I’m prepared to take that risk.

One of the best lessons from producing the Savvy Dentist podcast is understanding deeply the value of relationships and connection.

By speaking with different and interesting people every week, the Savvy Dentist podcast has imparted valuable lessons from successful dentists and other professionals in business and opened up new relationships for me.

It has demonstrated to me how conversations can evolve into meaningful connections.

As dental entrepreneurs, we can apply this principle in very practical way.

How many times have we dismissed an opportunity to listen to a person who might not fall within our typical sphere of influence?

Or knocked back the chance to cultivate a more enduring connection with someone?

Working away busily in dental practice and business, I know how easy it is to do.

What the Savvy Dentist podcast has taught me is those connections will pay dividends many times over.

We just need to make them.

Thanks to the Savvy Dentist podcast, the discipline of reaching out to guests and having a conversation has been richly rewarding.

And it will be for you too.

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Lesson #4 Technical Skills Do Not Equal Business Savvy

The Savvy Dentist podcast brings together great dentistry and great business.


Because they don’t teach business and entrepreneurship at dental school.

I get it.

We need to be technically skilled if we’re to deliver exceptional care.

Unfortunately, focusing only on the technical means every graduating dentist is short on tools in their business success toolbox.

Being a great clinical dentist is no guarantee for success.

Dental business success requires more than just technical competence.

You need more than your technical skills in dentistry to tell you how to market yourself effectively on social media or teach you how to be financially savvy.

As a dental business owner several times over and having worked across the dental industry, my certainty about this has grown.

If you want your dental business to flourish, you’re going to need technical skills and dental business skills.

Dental podcasts are a valuable and convenient resource to understand and grow your dental business.

You also need a business coach, mentor or switched on business buddy who will reflect back your value to you.

Most of the time, we assume the value we’re giving is understood and appreciated.

It’s a mistake many dental entrepreneurs make.

If we’re not reminding our patients of the value they receive before, during and after a consult, we miss important communication opportunities.

My tip: don’t assume your patients will see your value.

Deliver value to them through your care, and then communicate it too.

It’s a one-two move that’s worth the effort.

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Lesson #5 High Five Yourself, Regularly

A distinguishing trait I’ve noticed among many dental entrepreneurs is reluctance to acknowledge the wins along the way.

I think you’ll know what I mean.

To high five yourself when you’ve kicked a goal, or as in my case, produced the hundredth episode of your podcast.

Whatever the equivalent is for you, acknowledge and do it regularly.

Often, we’re so busy looking forward, charging towards the next future thing that we barely take a moment to reflect on achievements to this point.

An important lesson for me – and it came in episode 100 of the Savvy Dentist podcast – is to do just that.

This is a vital exercise for balancing the perception our efforts haven’t stacked up.

Final Words…

The Savvy Dentist podcast has been a wonderful learning vehicle for me.

It’s my sincere wish that it’s been the same for our listeners.

Take these lessons on board in your dental business and life and we look forward to sharing more wisdom from our guests over the next hundred episodes.

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