How can dentists get the most out of their time? In this episode, I chat to time management expert Kate Christie who is an international speaker and best-selling author.

Kate consults to big and small business, government departments and C-suite executives on smart time management. She helps them maximise productivity at home and work, and supports them to retain top talent via smart time management strategies.

Kate has appeared on Australian and NZ television and radio as a leading commentator on managing work/ life integration to ensure you can have success across your career, family, community, and life.

Author of “Me Time – The Professional Woman’s Guide to Finding 30 Guilt-Free Hours a Month”, Kate steps readers through a proven 5 step process to find and harness hours of lost time each month.

In this episode we cover:

  • The work-life balance “myth”
  • Common time management mistakes and remedies
  • Resolving conflicting priorities
  • Top time thieves
  • A system to manage interruptions and minimise their impact on your productivity.

Find out more about Kate Christie:

On her website