To be a dentist is to be in a noble profession. But the market is, in effect, shrinking because more and more dentists are entering the marketplace.

Still, I believe there has never been a better time to build a remarkable dental practice – despite the market turmoil.

However, if you’re going to build a remarkable business, you need to create an uncontested marketplace and a virtual monopoly. That’s along with savvy dental practice management, dental practice systems that work, a simple and effective dental marketing strategy and business coaching.

Making your competition irrelevant is simply about standing out, attracting your ideal clients and creating multiple moments of connection with your patients.

It is about running your own race and making sure you’re not beige. It might have been great for Richie Benaud (the beige jacket was his was of standing out compared to the other commentators) but not for a dental practice.

This is what I have done to grow my dental practices and those of my clients. Let’s step outside the square and take a look at a business thinking differently. Cirque De Soleil.

The story with Cirque De Soleil is that a clever entrepreneur saw a gap in the market between the theatre and the circus…those who went to the theatre wouldn’t go to the circus and vice versa.

Enter Cirque De Soleil. It was expensive compared to the traditional circus. It doesn’t use star performers but instead places a huge emphasis on the actual “performance” as a story.

Unlike traditional circus they don’t use animals. The traditional circus used hay bales for people to sit and had a dirt floor. Cirque De Soleil feels like a theatre. It’s an experience. 

What happened? The circus as people knew it was flipped on its head because someone dared to think differently. And that’s what we need to do.

You need to decide to be a dental practice that innovates not imitates.

4 Ways To Blitz The Competition:

1. Identify A Void

This isn’t about reinventing the wheel, rather it is taking a look at your target market and finding a gap and filling it. Take a leaf out of Cirque De Soleil’s book and simply start with your dental practice management, systems and marketing plan.

2. Don’t Compete On Price

When you complete on price it can turn into a race to the bottom and that’s a race you do not want to win. Ever. This is the first rule from a dental business coaching perspective. If you don’t want to compete on price, you’re going to have to be the best. And create a brand that reflects it.

3. Create A Customer-Focused Practice

Develop a one-of-a-kind dental practice where customers feel appreciated, are rewarded for giving feedback and feel valued the second they walk in the door. Create a Disney experience every time in your dental practice from the management to the marketing to the systems.

4. Establish A Point Of Difference

Your point of difference is about creating multiple moments of connection because connection is the glue that will hold your dental business together.